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About Candice Chruscial

My name is Candice Chruscial. I'm the new proud owner of Eye Candy Beauty Studio 8 in Ann Arbor. I've been a hairstylist in the Ann Arbor area for over 16 years. My life, personality and business are driven by a passion for taking care of people and an absolute obsession with the beauty of hair. I have never grown stagnant in my business, as I succeed in surpassing the bar and constantly redefining the standard. I have managed this success while staying grounded, affordable and while making my clients a top priority. I keep my finger on the pulse of what's hot in the beauty industry and I will be your new best friend; with beauty benefits. I am a Master colorist. I've used Goldwell color for 13 years because of its unrivaled results and reputation. My red carpet quality cuts are Tigi and Sahag trained and certified, resulting in styles that are fuss free and ready for your hectic schedule. When it comes to weddings, I'm your fairy godmother! I'll transform you and your girls, making your dream looks a reality. I offer wedding and special event hair and makeup in salon or on location at your convenience. I'm super excited to launch "Blown out," a BlowDry concept where busy women can pop into the salon for a wash and blow out to fit every reason they have to look amazing including date night, girls night, job interviews, work functions or simply as an "I deserve it" pick me up. Now you can feel like a celebrity, and look like one affordably. I specialize in ethnic hair textures due in part to my heritage from the island of Bermuda. I am extremely confident with natural curl and have lived with them my whole life. I get first-hand the required care and specific concerns of curly girls of all ages. I offer Deva Curl, an innovative botanical hair care option to manage shiny, beautiful curls. I perform breakage free relaxers relying on the undisputed Mizani Butter Blend, protecting both delicate hair and the scalp. I'm very attentive to the specific needs of both coloring and cutting Asian hair as well. I offer Royal Keratin and have the best price in town on Keratin Blowout. I'm a certified platinum level Great Lengths extension stylist since 2002. Great Lengths is the standard that all other Extensions bow to. They offer the highest quality hair with a patented bond and application process. If you've never really had a stylist that you love and trust, it is time to raise your standard. Make your hair woes a problem of the past and schedule your appointment today!


Candice has been a God-send to me. I have been loyally going to Candice for nearly 15 years! When I met her, it was like, "Finally! Someone who can actually give me the Hollywood hair I have been wanting!" Whether that means cut, color, or Keratin treatments. When I moved to Houston for 2 years, I actually flew home to get my hair done with Candice because she is that good! She is not only an artist- she is a hair doctor and chemist. I can bring Candice 10 photos of celebrity hair, each with some aspect of the total look I want. She gets it. She is patient and professional. Candice will come up with the perfect cut and color based on what I want, but she also will discuss the chemistry of it with me. Which color line, level(s), panel placement, etc. will work best with MY hair type and color to get me the best result and least amount of damage.

Amanda E.

I have been a client of Candice's since 2006. When I first started with Candice I had been a long time extension wearer and my hair was a mess! Damaged, broken and really looking bad. My hair is baby fine and doesn't grow much. She "nursed" it back to health while maintaining the extensions and took me through 3 different hair colors (red, brown and blonde--no kidding!) not to mention a variety of lengths. Her patience and attention to detail is amazing and she really works with you to get the best style and color that not only looks great but fits your life style, budget and level of "hair commitment". Candice is not only a great hair stylist she is a great person that fully commits to and cares about her clients. I highly recommend her, not only for extensions (you won't find anyone better--trust me!) but for anything you may need hair or beauty related. She sees each client as a unique and beautiful individual and works hard to help you express and OWN your personal beauty. I no longer work in the Ann Arbor area and drive over an hour to see Candice--it's worth the trip!!!

Rachel B.

For years I was traveling to Grand Rapids (from Ann Arbor!) to get my challenging curly hair relaxed. I heard about Candice and as luck would have it, she was just what my hair (and car mileage) needed. My hair has always been the "thing" that I've dealt with… from being teased in school to having stylists not really knowing what to do with it, I never felt totally confident about my hairstyle look and treatment process. That is, until I met Candice. She didn't make me feel like I was any different than anyone else. She's the first person who knew how to manage and style my hair from beginning to end. It's been 10 years since I met Candice and I don't know what I'd do without her – I look forward to my appointments so very much. I never got my hair done for proms or formals because again, no one really knew what to do with it; but since meeting her, I've had my hair done for my wedding, work galas, and simple blow drys just because I need a little "Candice" in my life! I trust her implicitly and have loved the styles she's given me. I'm able to comfortably wear my hair curly, straight or formally styled now with no problems. Candice is more than a stylist – she's become my sounding board and friend. I call my appointments my "hair therapy." I would recommend her to anyone – especially those of you out there with unruly curly hair!

Lauren S.

Candice has been doing my extensions forever....6+ years... She is wonderful and extremely talented! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair.

Kristy C.