Cassondra Lyon

Mane Slate


I 100% trust Cassondra with my hair. It is very difficult to find a stylist like this. She takes the time to make it perfect and it always shows in the color and cut finished product. I never have to worry when my hair is in her hands!


I really appreciate the time Cassondra takes to listen to my needs and what would work best. I am happy to have found Cassondra as she really knows how to work with curly hair and is very attentive.


I always love my experience with Cassondra!! She is incredibly thorough when cutting my curly hair, and the products she uses are simply divine. My hair has gotten healthier over the time I have been seeing her, and the curls even curlier. Thank you, Cassondra!!


Finding a hairstylist that I like is not easy and I luck out with Cassondra. She is always friendly and assertive in giving you tips as well as honest about what she can accomplish. It s*cks when someone set expectation in your head and than fail to deliver, especially when it comes to hair. Since I have confident with her skills and always have great experience, I naturally feel comfortable getting haircut/color with her. It's also great that she chosed a new location with modern touch and allow lights to come in. It gives an "open" space feel. I think getting haircut/color (and if you are going to sit for hours), it should be a refreshing non stressful experience as a whole. If you are looking for that, I suggest giving her a chance.