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Cate Carrington

Cate & Kathy

About Cate Carrington
My salon hours are tailored to accommodate your busy schedule.

Many years perfecting hair color techniques: - grey coverage - high and low lights - major hair color correction Passion working with naturally curly hair (I've lived with it all my life!) Cate has been cutting and highlighting my hair for several years now. She pushes me to experiment a little when I'm in a rut and honest with me when my ideas probably won't work. - Karen I love Cate. For over twenty years she's been keeping me current and she's always great about helping manage the new 'do. I'm a mother of teenagers and Cate has been working with my schedule for years. I initially went to her on a referral from a friend after years of having hairdressers trying to make me look 16! She shows me how to stay up-to-date with my naturally curly hair without looking like my daughter! - Sylvia

United States

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