Chelsea Blackburn

Dew You Skincare

About Chelsea Blackburn

Chelsea received her Esthetics license in New York City in 2012 after struggling with acne in her early adult life. She wanted to figure out how to heal the skin naturally without the use of medication which started her journey into organic skincare treatments. It is her belief that through healthy diet, exercise, good products and regular facial treatments, each person should be able to have optimal skin health. The skin is a very complicated organism and she has spent many years trying different treatments and products that work for sensitive skin types. All products used in her treatments are extremely gentle and non-irritating. Additionally, she believes that all facial treatments should have anti-aging benefits from specific lifting techniques that stimulate collagen and leave the skin tighter and more plump.

She has worked with many clients varying in age and ethnicity and has a great understanding on how to treat the different skin types. Manual lymphatic drainage and face sculpting are a major part of each treatment and clients usually leave her facials feeling thoroughly cleansed, lifted and hydrated, as well as extremely relaxed from the use of acupressure with the massage. Aside from these wonderful benefits, toxins from stagnant lymph are being released with her specific technique, so clients receive multiple benefits from each facial.