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Chenny Jeong

Hair by Chenny

About Chenny Jeong
Hi! My name is Chenny and I’m a hairstylist specialized in digital perm. I’ve started this profession in 1996 and have continued to earn certificates as a master hairstylist. I invest a lot of my time in learning new trend and techniques, and always welcome everyone’s thoughts. Follow me on Instagram @hairbychenny!

In a nutshell, Chenny is the BEST hair designer who I have ever met in DC area!!! I have never been satisfied getting a digital perm in DC area during the last 9 years, but this was my first time that I had no regret. I will definitely go again! It was my first time to try iron perm + root volume perm. My hair was fine, damaged at the end, and had a lot of layers. I always wanted to get the natural curl, but whenever I got a digital perm, it turned out to be either too curly or too flat. Sometimes when I asked a hair designer to trim my hair, they cut it too short, so the length became way shorter after getting permed. However, Chenny carefully listened to what I want and what I dislike, and perfectly meet up all the expectations. She trimmed just at the edge of it, so I could maintain my original length of hair, and the curl is exactly what I pictured. I used to get damaged after getting permed, but this time my hair was not damaged at all owing to her fabulous clinic.

J. L.

I've been coming to Chenny for over 14 years and she always does an outstanding job. My hair comes out perfect. You will get a high quality results. I never got disappointed with her service so far. She is very attentive to the customers' needs. A reference photo will always help. She knows exactly what kind of hairstyle you want and delivers it every time. Her coloring techniques are far by the best. Never damages my hair. She fixed my mom's damaged hair and gave her an awesome perm.

Grace L.

TL;DR: High standard of care and detail-oriented. Fun, light-hearted appointment! Would recommend without reservations. Hair Outcome, cleanliness, and personality: 10/10 would recommend to family and friends. As great as the final product turned out, what stood out was Chenny's personality throughout the appointment; extremely fun and entertaining. We sought out Chenny to do balayage as recommended from a friend. Chenny has over 20 years of experience studying in both Korea and America adapting lessons learned from continued education to her own style.

Daniel K.

I finally found the perfect hair stylist! Chenny is very smart, sweet, considerate, and knowledgable on all the trends. I originally didn't want to trim/cut my hair because I liked my length, but she suggested to cut my dry ends (from previous straight perms). She promised not to cut too short because she was aware that I wanted to grow my hair out. Unlike most hair stylists, she listens and doesn't chop off five inches when you ask for a trim. I am glad I took her advice because now my hair feels super soft and healthy! I was nervous to get a digital perm because I didn't want my hair to be super curly and frizzy. Chenny carefully listened to what I wanted and was very gentle with my fine hair (it can get damaged very easily). Before the perming process, she treated my hair with a deep conditioning treatment and sprayed protein (hair clinic) all over to prevent damage. The whole process takes about 3-4 hours- a little long, but completely worth it! Appointments are required because she only has two chairs in her salon, meaning that she gives you all of her attention. I am very happy with the results and will continue going to her from now on! Thank you so much, Chenny!! :)

Jin K.

United States

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