Chris Eickstadt

potion no. 9

About Chris Eickstadt


1. How did you decide to be a hairstylist? All my dolls were bald and doing hair has always been my passion!

2. How many years of experience do you have in the industry? 30+years

3. What do you most like about your career? I love both the creativity and the social interaction that comes with this career!

4. What was it like to transition from chair rental to having your own studio at Sola? Having my own salon has always been my dream. Owning a business can come with downfalls, however Sola offers the opportunity without the hassles.

5. Was it scary or difficult to open your own business at Sola? Absolutely NOT!! As a stylist we are given challenges every time a client sits in our chair. Coming to Sola and owning my own studio has stimulated my entrepreneurial spirit and offered a way to achieve my lifelong dream.

6. What is the biggest change from working in a traditional salon? I get to do things my way. Sometimes, when we are working for others, we make sacrifices that can affect how we do our craft. Creating an environment at Sola that enhances and supports my creative flow is awesome!

7. What do you like most about Sola? I love the intimacy of my studio. It has deepened the relationships I have with my clients. Business is all about connections and building relationships.

8. What do your clients think about your space? They LOVE it!!! It’s warm, comfortable, and friendly. There are less distractions and interruptions. The focus is on the client, so their needs are being met.

9. How has being in business for yourself at Sola helped your career move forward? Learning has always motivated me. The education that Sola offers is key to my growth as an artist and a business person. We have to stay on top of our game to be relevant in this industry. It helps that I am surrounded by other business owners who share the same desire to grow…we motivate each other.

10. How has selling your own retail enhanced the service that you provide your guests/clients? Recommending product is part of my job as a stylist. It’s an important tool to keep the hair looking good and performing well between appointments. Believing in the performance of a product is key to selling.

11. What is unique about your business, Potion no. 9? I am inspired by the world around me. I have been mixing and creating my entire life. I have immense dedication to my work and clients. Aside from artistic talents, you can be assured of an enjoyable experience while learning to care for your hair with quality products and tools. In addition, I am an expert in color as well as haircutting and show my commitment to the health of my clients and environment by using organic hair color and hair care products. When I am not in the salon, you may find me on my yoga mat practicing downward dog or in the kitchen whipping something up!


Chris is great at listening and giving me the look I desire. I have been coming to her for 10 yrs.

Laura Z. , St. Paul, MN

I am always happy with my cut, Chris is skilled at cutting and my experience is always pleasurable.

Carol F. , St. Paul, MN

I have known Chris for over 20 yrs. and she has been cutting and coloring my hair the entire time. She cuts my children's hair and my husband's too. We ALL love her!!!

Mary B. , St. Paul, MN