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About Christina Platzek

ABOUT CHRISTINA PLATZEK Hello there and welcome to my webpage here on Sola Salons Carlsbad. My name is Christina, my profession is called hairstylist but for me it means much more. It means working in a very personal and heartfelt way with hair and people. The beauty domain has been my professional home for forty years and I am still fascinated by hair. For two decades I was the enthusiastic Owner of a HairSalon in my hometown in Germany. And for many years I enjoyed working on stage as an educator for L’Oreal. I also had a lot of fun giving workshops on cut, color and consultation for hairstylists throughout Germany. As I see it, our hair is an alive expression of our inner nature. It is our natural adornment and might reveal some of our personality traits. For example: curly hair might say something about the persons instinctive and mobile nature that sometimes does not want to be tamed or restricted... or a delicate hair structure might say that the inside of this person is sensitive to its surroundings… or straight hair might point towards a person being quite straight forward in their thoughts and handling of situations… and so on. If that made you curious about what your hair might say about your personality, let’s explore that in a session. When I get to meet you and your hair for the first time, I always feel like on a first date :)  getting to know each other a bit, listening to your wishes and finding out AND understanding what you like or dislike about your hair is my main focus before I even start making recommendations on haircut, hair color and hair care. Cutting hair, or as I see it, sculpting the hair into a shape that emphasizes the hairs natural flow, is my greatest passion. I am intuitively using my european haircutting techniques to create haircuts that won’t grow out. The hair just grows longer with the haircut and remains in shape. I love to support and educate you and my customers in making healthy hair choices and raising your awareness for your hairs needs and wants. To maintain your hair and scalp healthy and nourished I work exclusively with OWAY - an ammonia free hair color and hair care product line with organic & biodynamic ingredients from Italy. For me, the purpose of coloring is to create a tailor made, unique hair color for each one of my customers AND keep your hair as healthy as possible. Whatever we decide on, an all over glaze, a plant based shine & color treatment, grey coverage or artistic freehand painting, the goal is to make you hair look and feel naturally beautiful . And if you are tired of coloring your grey roots every 4 weeks and want to grow your white hairs in, I am your woman. I will happily guide you through the process in slow, gentle & organic steps and without compromising your hairs health. Hair is also a mirror of our inside. If you ever had a bad hair day, you know what I am talking about 😉 Because mostly these days happen when we are not feeling so good with & inside ourselves. For me, disliking our hair means, on a deeper level, that we dislike ourselves to some degree and wish to be different from who we are. My intention with you and each customer is to help you fall in love with your hair the way they naturally are. That is why I created “the green room ~ organic hair design” Welcome to my peaceful, calm and serene space. For relaxing, recharging and nourishing your mind, hair and soul… to slow down and take a moment to get in touch with yourself and your beauty. I look forward to meeting you and listening to you and your hair, Christina


After seeing what a great job Christina did on my mom’s hair, I knew I had to make an appointment with her. Christina was so professional, and made me feel safe during these Covid times. She is the first stylist to ask me what I loved and hated about my hair to get a better understanding of what would work for me. She is so knowledgeable about what kind of cut will work for you. I left wanting to hug her and cry tears of happiness. So thankful I found Christina!


It is with much enthusiasm that I would like to recommend the services of Christina Platzek, Owner and Master Hairstylist at “the green room”, mailto:[email protected] Christina has been doing a superb job on my hair for about a year now. Not only does she do superb work, she is creative and is an artist when it comes to hair. Her products are all natural and kind to the hair. She is very concerned for the health of the hair and has a knack for knowing what would look best on you. She will communicate with you in depth before she begins to work on your hair making sure you are happy with the results. We have experimented with highlights and various cuts allowing me to figure out what I think looks best. She was right in the very beginning with her analysis of what would look best, and I am so happy she talked me into trying things I would not have on my own. You can rest assured, you will get the best service possible with Christina .

Peggy Lou

Christina is an amazing hairdresser with a warm heart and a 6th sense to understand and cater to the needs and wants of her clients. Highly recommend!


She is an excellent hairdresser, knows her product and makes sure to understand her client before she does anything. Thanks Christina, 10 stars for you !!


Christina Platzek, owner and master stylist of The Green Room at Sola Salon Studios in Carlsbad, CA, is incredible. She truly is masterful when it comes to consultation, cutting and styling techniques, and color. She listens and questions to understand who you are and what you are seeking. She guides you through an understanding of your unique hair and your unique goals. A true artist, a professional, and a kind and honest soul, I have been seeing Christina for at least six years now and will continue long into the future. Yesterday was my first salon appointment in the midst of this pandemic and I greatly appreciated her thoroughness when it came to our safety. Her peaceful green space offered me the chance to relax, recharge, and experience my own natural beauty.


Perfect! In every way!