Daela Cosmetic Tattoo


A collective of master artists.

Microblading • Nanoblading • Ombré Brows • Lip Blush Tattoo • Areola Restoration • Tiny Tattoos • Faux Freckles • Brow Lamination

Welcome to our temporary pop-up location! As the finishing touches to our beautiful new permanent location are being done in Scottsdale, we are thrilled to be offering our services here at Sola temporarily. Expect the grand opening of our permanent location summer 2023!

In everything we do, we strive to enhance your natural beauty and simplify your morning routine, or even make you feel whole again after experiencing loss. Each having one or two specialties, our master artists have perfected their skills over years of experience and are truly passionate at what they do. Enjoy the confidence that comes along with always looking ready to go while still feeling like you.