Daisy Giles-Uu

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About Daisy Giles-Uu


I came to hair in a roundabout way. I grew up with wet bathtub haircuts which continued into college. As a teenager, I unconsciously cut my brother's afro dry and occasionally also my mother's curls. I fooled around with cutting hair for friends in my college dorm and sometimes their little siblings who came to visit, but I never had the intention of being a stylist. My first time stepping into a salon for a service that didn't involve my brows or nails was actually as an adult in my twenties. I was trying to find a way out of a corporate job that would allow me more time to focus on my visual art and my relationships while fulfilling some of my creative needs as well. Due to some amazing opportunities at the time and with the encourage of my family, friends, and coworkers, I took the leap that changed my life.

Through luck or divine intervention, I discovered a curly hair salon within a few weeks of my graduation through a buddy of mine that was working there. I was unaware that there were even such spaces in existence. I had already decided to drop hair and focus on the waxing and nail training that I also gained in school after some unfulfilling and let’s also just say uncomfortable experiences doing hair in school. But upon my post-beauty school education, I found that I didn’t hate doing hair as I had convinced myself and I wasn’t bad at it. In natural hair, I found what I was good at and what made sense to me. I watched my own hair transform with my education, consistency, and time. There was otherwise very minimal effort on my part after I made some intentional shifts in how I cared for it. I rediscovered a love of playing with hair color and embraced the fun of it all. After what haircare and education has done for me and my own self esteem and sense of self, I can’t deny that experience to others. I cherish every moment that I am able to put an incredulous and disbelieving smile on a client’s face.

I love working with my hands. When I am not creating in the salon, I am usually with my family, at my home studio creating, or cooking unless it is the summer time and then I could also just be outside at a lake somewhere. I pull inspiration for my fine art from my work on hair and vice versa. My identity as a woman of color of varying backgrounds and cultures, my education in fine art and in black history, and my new added identity of “mom”, all inform my priorities as a stylists and my unique approach to hair.

We all know the struggle that many curlies/naturals face in finding a stylist who understands their unique texture. As my own hair vibrates through the wavy/curly/super curly spectrum, I know personally how nerve-wracking it can be getting a haircut. I have had my fair share of horrid hair cuts, some at salons, and some at the hands of those nearest and dearest to me. (I won’t name names!) I pride myself on not only in helping my clients to feel beautiful when they leave, but also for my clients to really be able to relax during their service and to enjoy our time together. I enjoy what I do, and I do it well. I love to have a good laugh while styling and I take my daily laughter very seriously. I am a natural care taker, encourager, and perfectionist. Your happiness is mine. Let’s spend some time.


Daisy is simply the best.


I first visited Daisy in 2017. She is the only person that I trust with my curls. That’s why following her to her own studio was a no brainer for me. Whenever I see her for a cut, it’s like no time has passed at all: conversations flow and the laughs keep comin’. I feel so honored to have found someone as laid back and fun as Daisy is! 5 outta 5 stars for a real one.


Daisy is easily the best hair stylist I’ve ever had, both in the work she’s done to make my hair as great as possible and also in how wonderful a person she is. I couldn’t recommend her enough to any person who has curly hair.