Dane Tarbi

Wexford Salon 8- Dane Tarbi

About Dane Tarbi

Pre log.... I have been in the beauty industry for 19 yrs now. I have always enjoyed the artistry in life whether it be a piece of artwork or the plate of food in front of you. Beauty and art are in everything we do. Chapter 1... For most of my early adult life I worked with food and catering, always striving to make everything not only taste great but look beautiful. Chapter 2, my introduction into hair. I am always growing and evolving. Hair and make up seemed like a very natural progression for me. I have met a slew of talented people, both co workers and clients to boot. I feel that your hair should fit you and your personality. Sometimes the simplest change can make the greatest impact. I have worked and managed several salons throughout my career. Chapter 3.... Finds me on a new place, a new home. Looking forward to growing and sharing life with friends,  clients and family.

Thank You ..... Dane