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Deanna Turner

Lume’ Aesthetics

14 & 49
About Deanna Turner

LuMe’ Aesthetics was created by my vision to make a profound difference for men and women with the highest level care, innovation and compassion. As an Aesthetician it is my duty and honor to guide, teach and enhance beauty through excellence.

I chose to reinvent my self at the age of 46 to continue my passion for making a difference for people. I have always wanted to be in a profession where I could nurture and care for people. To be an example of self love and being a catalyst of that through the gift of aesthetics. It’s so much more than skin care, it’s about human connection through touch and compassion for every individual I have the honor of being with. I am truly excited to guide my clients to feeling and being more confident and owning their beauty.

LuMe’ comes from the word Luminous, which means to shine bright even in the darkness. Living heart centered and owning our beauty and imperfections allows us to shine our brightest. Learning to love ourselves with fierce gentleness and extending that love to others…. that is my WHY.


United States

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