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My hair and makeup career began about four years ago. I was an elementary school teacher, who also had a passion for glamming up my friends for parties, photoshoots, and events.

My husband's job took us to Hong Kong in 2011 for two years. I worked part-time at a salon as a receptionist and absolutely loved the atmosphere of a busy salon. It was there I met the most talented and driven hair and makeup artists. I'm honored to call them my friends.

Upon returning back, my passion was deeper than ever! I resigned from teaching and went to a beauty school. Switching careers was a major decision that was exciting and scary all at once. I'm having the best journey working with my clients to create looks based on their individualities and visions!

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Debbie at The Gossip Corner is the whole package. She cuts, colors, keratins and crushes it! She has great passion for what she does and an innate vision for hair. She transformed my mother’s hair over a 9 month period, giving her a stylish, manageable cut but allowing the transition to seem natural. With my hair, I let her use her creative license and I’m always extremely happy with the results - (cut and balayage). I would recommend her for her talent and for all the fun you’ll have sitting in her chair! -JK

Jill K