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Doreen McCarthy

Hair By DoreenRVA


Doreen McCarthy is a most talented hair stylist .... I am older now and that hair I used have ... has left the building ... On my very first visit, Doreen convinced me to cut this thinning hair really short ... Well she did and I love it ... she also is a whiz at trimming them Italiano eyebrows and a goatee straight ~ very talented and pretty chatty too ... but that is a good thing.

Bob Windsor

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful: If you are looking for someone to take care of you where your hair is concerned, if you are looking for a professional like your doctor, or Realtor, or mechanic...if you want someone you can trust, someone who can look at you and know what works, someone who listens and gives constructive feedback, someone who can cut hair with precision, and color like a masterful artist.. .well, then Doreen is the stylist you are looking for and her salon is where you want to be. You won't be disappointed.

Missy O

Finally Someone Who Gets It! After 3 consultations, each with a different high end salon in Richmond, Doreen gets it. She has experience and it's in her blood. I didn't get quick responses with gleaming eyes eager to do what the stylist wanted vs. what I wanted. I didn't get put off and told to try something else instead because the stylist didn't want to tackle my idea. I got a full conversation.explanations, suggestions and I was educated on how to better take care of my hair vs. just having a product sold to me.

Lesley W

United States

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