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I am an Independent Hairstylist at Sola Salons in Blaine, MN. I've been a Professional Hairstylist since 2004. I specialize in Color & Haircuts. My passion is creating healthy hair. I believe in protecting our health and the environment. I am working towards minimizing harmful chemicals in the salon along with becoming an eco friendly salon. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family.

Emily is a color genius! She takes her time, gives her ideas that will make your hair look itโ€™s best. She has taken a true pessimist and turned her into a believer, there truly are stylists who care about their customers!!

Liz B.

Emily was great! She really listened to what I wanted and needed in a hair style, and she was easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her!

Sara undefined

Emily was AWESOME! Very professional, easy to chat with, and she did exactly what I wanted. She also took the time to make sure it was perfect and that I was happy before I left. I LOVE my new haircut. Thank you so much, Emily!

Becky S.

Emily is the best. Sheโ€™s been sculpting my hair for over two years now as its grown out to the length Iโ€™m happiest with. She is awesome at understanding my vision and her magic scissors makes it happen every time. Thanks again Emily :)

Paul N.

She always makes my hair look Amazing!! Even when I cheat and use box color ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚ Thanks for always fixing my mistakes ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sam T.

Once again Miss Emily has made my hair look better than I even knew it could! She is creative, takes her time, and listens to what you would like and see as your end product. You will return, because you would of found someone who does an incredible job and will every time!

Liz undefined

Emily listens to what you are saying and delivers great haircuts. I highly recommend Emily. We also have great conversations, which I feel is very important. Thanks Emily!

Cheryl undefined

Emily goes above and beyond to make sure Iโ€™m happy with my hair! Glossy Goodness is how I would describe this visit! Thanks Emily

Laurie B.

The true meaning of satisfaction... Well, everyone has their own interpretation of the definition. For today, mine is Emily... When I can sit down & we can get into a conversation about anything, with an open air atmosphere, oh wait, did I forget to mention, all this was while Emily washed my hair, cut, thinned it out, blow dried, asked me how it was, & I never had to mention how I wanted it done. Yes, I am a repeat customer. My family, & I, are truly grateful, & appreciate our time we spend with Emily. We do know that there are others like Emily, & I hope you can find your satisfaction with them, as we do with Emily. Emily is like family, who I know is a true professional in her field, who I have watched go the extra mile to gain not just a five star rating, but deserves a ten star rating. We love you Emily.

Bruce K.

I really enjoy going to Emily for my haircuts! I always leave with an amazing cut :)

Kelly B.

United States

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