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Emily (513)

Emily "Marie" Schultz Salon

About Emily (513)
I have been specializing in all things hair for over 20 years....from cutting, coloring, styling or just plain removing. I specialize in Men's hair care and will treat you with the utmost care and knowledge on latest trends. You will love the clean fresh atmosphere and added touches of home. Even better, you will feel great walking out the door after each and every appointment. Call/Text today at 513-259-6378!

After bouncing around from stylist to stylist over the years, I finally found a home with Emily Marie! She listened, understood what I was looking for and gave me the look I was hoping for! Not only is she an great stylist, she's a fun hang who always makes me feel welcome!

Joe A.

Emily has always shown me the upmost professionalism every time I go to see her. She is extremely talented and ensures you are completely satisfied before you leave. Her flexibility when scheduling and rescheduling has been a huge help, especially since my schedule is always changing. I recommend anyone who takes pride in their appearance and is tired of paying for a haircut they didn’t ask for!

Nick W.

Marie is great and would rank her as one of best all time for men’s cuts. I am very particular with who cuts my hair and the end result. She has exceeded all my expectations since I have moved here 2 years ago. I have found it difficult to find someone that can fade hair and make it look professional. Marie is great and I highly recommend her professionalism and most importantly skill of making you look fantastic!

Andy M.

Going to Marie to get my monthly "The Works" services is more than just a business transaction. She has become a dear friend over the years, and she treats you as such. Always happy to see you with that big grin on her face, and a drawer full of candy & chocolate that she knows very well I can't control myself! It truly is like going to get a haircut by an old friend and catching up on life. I absolutely LOVE hearing stories about the shenanigans that happens at her house with her little girls and hubby. She truly understands the importance of capturing her client's hearts in business and she is genuine about that. With all that being said, on the business side of things Never in the 5+ years of going to her,though, has that let our growing friendship affect the integrity of her work and precision of what I want. Oftentimes, hair stylist get comfortable with their clients and assume friendship means they can cut corners. Not with Marie! I'm what you would call a male diva. Saying that I'm extremely high maintenance and particular is an understatement, and Marie ALWAYS delivers. She takes her time (unlike the last person I went to when the cut was over before a blink of an eye), is precise with what you want, never assumes you want the same thing, and gives her input without pressure. A lady of her craft, truly, and pays attention to detail. I'll never stop going to Marie and highly recommend her services to everyone.

Hany K.

United States

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