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Erica St. Clair has been a stylist since 2006. When you come to see Erica you will receive an amazing personalized experience. Erica has a vast passion for her craft. She has taken many industry leading educational trainings such as Redken Exchange in NYC, Davines, Bumble and Bumble. She specializes in Multi-Dimensional Coloring and Highlighting techniques, Balayage, Ombre, Color Corrections, and Tape in Hair Extensions.


Erica is a Hair Goddess! – I moved to Austin a couple years ago and was stressing over finding a new hair stylist. My reason for general fear was justified: I have very thick shoulder-length hair that can easily go from straight to 70s-style puff if the layers are done wrong. I also dye my hair auburn, and as any bottle-red-head knows, it is really difficult to get this color right. I went to Erica for the first time as a walk-in, and she agreed to stay for the afternoon to give me a cut and color. I cannot say enough good things about Erica. Not only did she get the color PERFECT on the first try, but she suggested a slightly different cut for me, and despite my skepticism, it turned out to be the best cut I have ever had. I am still getting compliments from family and friends...


Thanks to Erica – Erica is the best. She totally transformed my out of date hairstyle and walked me through how to style my hair. She was so kind and took so much time with me. It is very nice to know that you are not rushed in and out. A true breathe of fresh air for me! I can't wait to see her next time.

D. K.

Erica is the best – What can I say Erica is the bomb! She took my hair from the every day mom look, to as the guys at work are saying the Hot momma look. She has done my hair in the past, doing different highlights and touchups, this time I wanted something drastic and perfect for the winter. So now I have gone from an ash brown with blonde highlights, to a deep dark luscious red with copper, blonde and chocolate highlights. The best job I have ever had done. She gave me a trim that transformed me to a different person and only took off a few inches. It is just great, loving it, and having fun. I highly recommend the next time you want to go from blah to fab call her.

Melissa S.

Brand New Look !!! Thank you Erica St. Clair – Ok! So I had worn the same hair style for the last 10 years! But I really never noticed how it aged me!!! Erica turned my over 40 old lady look into NO WAY ...... YOU LOOK 30 something!!!! That same day while at the mall someone thought my 3 month old grand Baby was mine!!! My husband thinks I look Hot! Thank you Erica! I was really feeling kind of old and now I am feeling really special again. Erica talked me into a totally different look and colored my dull gray streaked hair into a beautiful auburn color. I truly look 15 years younger. She cut my hair with a razor and it had so much more body that I have not had to use my curling iron for the last month. I Love my hair dresser and the salon was so cute. The atmosphere in the salon is so relaxing and friendly. Truly one big happy family!


Very Classy, professional Salon – I think that the Hair Studio is wonderful. My hair stylist Erica was exceptional, very personable and really cared about trying to make me comfortable and happy. Erica did an excellent job especially with the condition that my hair was in. I would strongly recommend this Salon to all of my friends.


I had a very good time. Erica was so sweet,. It is the best hair cut I have ever gotten. My family just loved my hair! I will never go anywhere else again. Erica is so nice and just can really give you great styling tips. You must book an appointment with her today. Oh, and the salon is so cool! Thanks Erica


Erica is the best stylist in Austin! – I have been working with Erica for months now. She has totally transformed my hair. It is thicker, stronger, and healthier then it has ever been. I trust her with my whole family. My whole family loves her. She is so kind and smart. I trust her with my every salon need! I can't wait to see her in 3 weeks! Thank you Erica you have totally saved me!


My hair looks amazing :) – I was so frustrated with the condition of my hair before i made an appointment with Erica St. Clair. My experience with Erica was simply delightful. The establishment was quite relaxing and full of great energy. To say the least, my hair looks amazing. I can't say that it has ever looked or felt this great!

P. P.

Erica Gives a Cut Above....or From Above? – I consider myself a qualified critic for the industry because I grew up in it. I'm 36 yrs & my father is one of the #1 barbers and owner / operator of one of the most profitable salon / spas in Lubbock. He's been an owner operator for 45 yrs and has opened & managed other salons & colleges during that time. When I moved from home I knew I was ruined when it came to haircuts. Nothing would ever be as good. Thru the years I found some good ones & bad ones. All left me holding out until I could see my dad. I visited her for the 1st time almost 2 yrs ago. On my 1st visit I examined and evaluated every detail of the studio. I can't help it...its just in my DNA. Every associate was friendly and professional with a sense of pride and ownership in their workplace. I was referred to Erica StClair by a mutual friend in the industry. I decided to give Erica a shot at earning my devotion and took a chance. Normally, I would have had a little anxiety when visiting a new stylist, but I trusted my friend's recommendation and Erica was certainly easy to warm up to. I felt very peaceful and had a semi-VIP experience. I thoroughly was impressed. Sometimes it takes a stylist a few visits to get to know the head and hair of a new client. It can even take a few tries to get the likes and most importantly the 'dislikes" down. But, Erica dove right in with confidence and I walked out with confidence. The compliments that followed sent me back to Erica many more times. A few months later I moved to a small town in East, TX. (about 3 hrs from Austin) I live on a lake out in the country. I'm about 40 miles from Tyler and about 75 miles from Dallas. I'm pretty sure I can find a stylist worthy in Dallas and possibly Tyler, but my experience tells me that I'll go through many disappointing candidates in the process. The way I see it....I found a jewel named Erica and a place in Austin that feels like home. 16 months later, I still drive 3 hours for the best.


Erica is AMAZING! I'm almost afraid to write this review because I don't want her to get too busy to see me! I first met Erica for a color correction. After being a bleach blonde for far too long, I had a moment of insanity (hey, we all have them!) when I decided to go red. Well, a different salon that did it for me got carried away and my hair turned out really really dark brunette. As a lifelong blonde, I was totally shocked and upset. The first time I met Erica, I sat in her chair and cried! :p She didn't lecture me the way some stylists would. She was really sweet and talked to me about what we could do to make me happier with how I looked. Erica was able to undo the color charade that I had done. She used a process that did not involve stripping, which minimized damage and left my hair still feeling soft despite all the chemical processing that week! At the end of the day, I left with a beautiful darker natural blonde color which I have kept to this day. I love it! I continue to go back to Erica regularly for maintenance highlights and haircuts and she always does a wonderful job. Erica is always friendly and I enjoy the time I spend in her chair. She always listens to what I want. She will offer her professional opinion, but doesn't push ideas on you that you don't like either. It's a perfect balance. The salon itself is bright and fun. I love the urban chic interior. Plus, the girls up front are always helpful and courteous. Erica St. Clair is truly Austin treasures and I highly recommend.


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