Fern Greathouse

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About Fern Greathouse

I have lived in the Valley for 36 years and have embraced everything Arizona has to offer. I have been a licensed hairstylist for all of those years. I love my work and I love the outdoors and if I'm not working I can usually be found kayaking on one of our beautiful lakes or rivers (when they're running). My work has been an amazing part of my life I have developed incredible relationships with many diverse people that have been so influential in my life. I am lucky enough to have a clientele that spans the spectrum of age, gender, hair type and texture. Knowing that hair is something that can make such an enormous impact on how we look, I believe that a great haircut is the foundation of every great style and I pride myself on my ability to give my clients haircuts that work easily for them and their lifestyle, colors that keep their hair healthy and youthful, and I give my clients consistency while keeping up with the latest trends.