Francis Suarez

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About Francis Suarez

Hair is my passion. Working with Sola has been a game changer. It’s really nice to work one on one with the client in a personal space especially now with the way things are happening in this 2019-2020 virus epidemic. I have been doing hair for about 30 plus years and learn everyday something new. Tt’s exciting to be able to learn something and apply it to my clients. With that said, I love the color application aspect and the cut that finalizes the look. I love to transform a look of short to long hair in the time span of as little as sometimes an hour. I still love to do a good soft perm for those of you who would love the feel of more and filling in where hair has maybe become thin. I carry product that I feel works for my clients that helps them retain the look I give them when they walk out of the salon. I like to carry Unite, Redken, and Matrix. I love to do long hair, whether it’s haircuts, highlites or any style. I love to work on short hair as well and do blowouts for any occasion. So DM me or text or call I do all! 😜


Francis doesn't just give a haircut. She is a talented and creative stylist that enhances your hair. She shows you how to style, and always walk out liking my hair more.


I don't know the cloud. "Frances has been my Master Stylist for over 5 years. I trust her completely - especially with my fragile hair. In my book she's at the best." Good Luck Frances!!

-Rosemary H