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Gabriele Russo

Therapeutic Muscle Therapy

About Gabriele Russo
Gabriele is a massage therapist in Needham, MA. She is passionate about the healing methods of massage.

Fabulous always a pleasure and so sweet!

Nancy , Needham, MA

Gabriele is in a class of her own. She is gifted, experienced and professional. She has a keen understanding of anatomy and physiology as well as the mind body connection. Her massage therapy can cure and heal unlike anything else!

Joanne , Needham, MA

I have been seeing Gabriel for over 20 years. She is amazing and outstanding she can help with any pain u have or just for a treat and everybody who I send to her feels the same way don’t miss a chance to see her!!!!

Paula , Needham, MA

You’re the best! Thank you

Christine , Needham, MA

United States

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