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RejuvINation Skincare

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Locations / rancho / RejuvINation Skincare

RejuvINation Skincare

Hello! My name is Gentillesse I’m a Licensed Esthetician here in the Rancho Cucamonga/ Ontario area & I have held a life long passion for esthetics, and I decided to go into the field of skincare when I truly saw how healing and gratifying the process was inside & out for self confidence,love, & rejuvenation. Every individual is different and I see it as an opportunity to bring balance & relaxation to the mind,body, & soul. As well as education! I love that I can customize treatments tailored to each clients concerns and their goals. I make it my sole promise to have my sessions and consultations be a judge free zone & a place where you can relax and realize that the time you have with me is all about you & you only . I hope you all will follow me in this amazing journey that I am embarking to receive more insight and education!

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