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About George Buckner

George Buckner owner of Hair Fashions East, is an expert on Hair and Scalp Care. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  he came to New York with a dream. He studied in New York, Austria, Germany, and France.

George’s insightful accession in hair and scalp care has stilted the definition of a modern-contemporary hairstylist. “Ease and versatility are the key words for hair care in this decade”, says George.

As an innovator, he was the first New York Hair Salon to have a cosmetology apprenticeship program in conjunction with the Cooperative School of Technical Education through the Board of Education. He served as a “Partner in Education”, through the New York Board of Education since the mid-eighties.

Clients have been with him for twenty years or more, from out-of-state and abroad. No matter what happens to their hair, they make a trip to the man they call, “The Hair Care Specialist”.

Women today need no-fuss hair-dos and grooming services for their active and demanding life-styles. This, of course, means regular visits to a salon – one that will answer all of their beauty needs.

Some of George’s accomplishments:

– Elected the President of the Societe Française de Biosthétique, USA Section

– Gold Medal Winner, Women Hairstyle Festival in Birmingham, England

– Gold Medal Winner and Team Captain Women Hairstyling Festival in Birmingham, England

– Judge at the 1st African-American Hair Festival, Dakar, Senegal

– Image maker Award, Association of Black Charities

– Elected President of the Societe Française de Biosthétique, USA Section for four years.

– Member of Career and Technical Education, CTE Advisory Board

– Nioxin Educator


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