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Just Skin Studio

Gina Mo

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(949) 591-7680
Studio 35
At Sola Salons Irvine Woodbury
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10am to 7pm (By Appointment Only)

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Locations / irvine-woodbury / Just Skin Studio

Just Skin Studio

Gina Mo

With 15 years of experience in self-care and skincare, I am a passionate esthetician who is always learning through practicing. To help customers benefit most from skincare treatments, I strive to match the best products to their skin type. My focus is on using all-natural products to achieve progressive and continuous skin improvement over time! Some of my specialties include acne and freckles treatments. In the area of permanent makeup, I have trained under the supervision of my teacher, who studied and graduated at the Queen’s College in Liaoning Province, China. She has over 20 years of both practicing and teaching permanent makeup techniques. I have designed many eyebrow and lip tattoos according to each individual’s request, face shape, skin color, etc. I use high-end pigments that are CTL certified and gamma-ray sterilized, vegan and cruelty-free, minimizing the risks of fading or other undesired outcome. In my journey to become an ever better esthetician and permanent makeup artist, my greatest sense of achievement is to address my customers’ needs, with the most natural products, to give them their desired result and appearance.

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