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Goldie White

The Golden Touch

About Goldie White
My name is Goldie the owner of the Golden Touch Salon. I would like to know, What is beauty to you? For me, there are no parameters or limitations when it comes to beauty. Beauty is what you create and how you feel about your beauty. It stands alone, and speaks with a loud voice. You determine what your beauty says. My motto says, "I want to make you look, feel and be beautiful." I always knew I wanted to create. In elementary school I started creating with pictures. Painting and drawing is where I began. That is a gift that I naturally have. I moved from paper and other forms of media and begin painting on my nails. I love creating wearable art. Then I thought to myself what about my hair? Because I was limited as a kid with what I could do with my own hair, I would use my dolls and experiment with them. They were actually my first clients 😁. It wasn't until High School that I was allowed to experiment with color and style on myself. After receiving my cosmetology license I had the privilege of working for a couple of salons. Working in my field was great but, I reached the point where I wanted my own. So I thought, what about those clients who don't have time to get to the salon, how about I go to them? So I quit my job and put an ad in the local paper and posted on a few beauty forums. It all grew from there. I traveled to all my client's homes or offices rendering beauty services. From being featured in The Washington Post, also a hairstylist on major TV networks such as BET etc., to now having my own Salon with my clients coming to me. My agenda for my client's is to create beauty, maintain it, or design a hair loss solution just for them. I am dedicated to my cause and I do not limit myself. My gift is in my hands. I'm here for every one of my client's, not only to touch them and renew their beauty but to touch their hearts as well.

"I love Goldie! Definitely book your next appointment here! She is fast and really is creative with styles. I get stopped every time she does my hair by people wanting to know who does it."

Romica B. , Alexandria, VA

"Goldie has been doing my hair since I was in the 10th grade (I am now finished with college). She is very professional and AMAZING at what she does! I am constantly asked by people who see me on the street about who does my hair. I highly recommend Goldie!

Ashley S. , Alexandria, VA

"She does beautiful work! She changed my life :) she cut my hair and made me younger looking."

Cherly W. , Alexandria, VA

"I love Goldie, She is wonderful! I received so many compliments on my hair. I felt like a new women. Goldie is very accommodating. I would recommend her time and time again !"

Karen B. , Alexandria, VA

"I love Goldie! Definitely book your next appointment here!"

Joan G. , Alexandria, VA

"I love Goldie! Definitely book your next appointment here! Service is always professional, on time and she offers plenty of healthy hair care advise specific to your needs. Thanks Goldie for always taking care of me and my hair! "

Monica B. , Alexandria, VA

"Goldie is a loving person! ! Definitely book your next appointment here! She is a really good at what she does and is not heavy handed at all. I love the Curly Twist style, people always stop me to know who done my twist and I always refer them to Goldie."

Whitne D. , Alexandria, VA

"I love Goldie! Definitely book your next appointment here! Goldie has been doing my twists for 4 years, always very very very pleased with the outcome."

Robin R. , Alexandria, VA

"Goldie is da bomb! I have been with her for 10+ years. She is a skilled hairstylist and has been "excellent" at phasing me into my locks which I have now been growing for 7 years. She restored the health of my permed hair which was once "short" and damaged and is now midway down my back. Goldie ... you rock! Plus Goldie is a sweetheart. So visit Goldie at her new salon and she will definitely take care of you and your hair. Big Love for you, Goldie!"

Lori P. , Alexandria, VA

United States

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