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Growing up, I always looked up to my mother - a strong business minded woman. From early age, I captured her success, her downfalls, and everything else in between. Today, I am reminded of her hardships and growing pains.

From the age of 13, [when mom first introduced hair to me] leaving New York into small town Flowery Branch, Georgia was a big culture shock for me. Mannequin dolls were my only friends and my only free time. At age 15, styling mom’s hair in our basement salon before Sunday mornin’ came had just become second nature to me. I never really dreamed about becoming a stylist at the time, but over time; I unknowingly and blindly had fallen in love with hair. At age 17, I had already been sculpted into a professional level stylist. I worked as an assistant for many years until I decided to attend a school that would further my education and knowledge in hair. Through those years, I attended over 140 professional classes that have made me more successful as I’ve grown within the industry.

In 2015, at age 23, I landed a one-of-a-life-time job in the city of Beverly Hills, California. Being amongst the elite; I quickly learned where I was headed in life. I obtained my California Cosmetology License that year and began my journey in becoming that high status stylist. After learning about my father’s heart conditions, I left California for good. And my life came to a halt.

Today, as I reminisce the stepping stones - I have come to the conclusion that life is nothing but a glimpse in life. This is the beginning to a start that I have always dreamed of. For the first time ever, I am becoming my own culture, my brand, and my own signature.

Founder of Ivy Serenity Hair Studio. I pledge in bringing Los Angeles into good ol’ Atlanta, Georgia. With my faith in our Heavenly Father, I am certain that this is all part of his plan. My idea of Ivy Serenity Hair Studio is that of Heaven on Earth. With much drive, effort, and attentiveness, I am eager to bring this and more upon my admiring clientele who I owe the world to. Thank you all for supporting my cause. I invite every single one of you to come enjoy, unwind, and fall into deep relaxation with me as I dedicate myself into making you look your very best.

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