Jennifer Ballesteros

IV and ME, LLC

About Jennifer Ballesteros
Jennifer Ballesteros, the founder of IV and Me, is a board-certified, family and emergency medicine nurse practitioner with nearly 20 years of experience in the medical field. She currently serves patients at a local ER in the valley as well, with experience in family medicine, emergency/urgent care medicine, trauma, and the general lifespan. IV and Me was founded on the basis of helping others in the community. Jennifer has a passion for helping others and wants to bring that to the community in an easily accessible way. At IV and Me, we offer IV therapy and wellness to propose the optimal health of our patient. The goal is to help with occasional acute illness, such as G.I. bugs, dehydration, migraines and more. Also,

offering vitamin therapy to include NAD infusions for weight loss and anti-aging. We strive to help our patients feel and look their best in a supportive, safe and healthy way.