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Hello, my name is Jackie Reveles-Gilmette. I graduated from Federico’s Beauty College Sacto, CA in 1984. I wanted to further my education and I became an apprentice for 2 years @ The Paragon Salon, where all of our educators were Sassoon trained stylists. Since then, I have furthered my education over the past 34+ years. I was certified ABCH (American Board Certified Haircolorist) in 2016 under my previous name Jacqueline Auldridge. I am so grateful for all of my education from all my mentors. I have been a salon owner @ Salon del Rio in Reno, NV since 2004 and I am in the process of selling my salon in Reno and I am now working at Sola Salons on Fridays by appt only. Soon to be in Auburn full time. I am passionate about hair and I am really excited about sharing my talents with new clientele. I have a long time following of awesome clients and I look forward to them following me to my new location. Please call me for an appointment @ 530.414.4924. Thank you, Jackie


I have been to this Salon. It ROCKS!!!! Very nice, clean, bright, good music. I'll be going here for years to come. Jackie is the best in town!!! Thank god she moved to Auburn. =)

Andee Hunt

The best hairdresser in Reno. The quality I admire most about Jackie is her ability to grow and learn more. Jackie is always studying and looking for ways to be a better hairdresser and therefore I look better. You will love your hair and your new hairdresser!


Hands down amazing! Jackie is not only good at her art she is so incredibly personable. She makes you feel like you’ve known her for years, she listens to her clients and meets their expectations. She is by far one of the best Stylist in Reno!

Erinn McCann

Jackie has cut my hair for eight years, and I can not recommend her highly enough. Jackie is a master colorist and a superb stylist, and does not let me leave with one hair out of place. At least weekly, I get compliments on my cut and color from friends and from complete strangers! I consider Jackie to be a warm, loving person who is interested in the well-being of her client. You will be delighted with Jackie!

Jennifer Lee

United States

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