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Jacqueline Peterson

Jolie Aesthetics

About Jacqueline Peterson
For the last 22 years I have lived, loved and have so much passion for the science of skin care. The whole picture of health and wellness, from the products, and their ingredients to the trends in aesthetics, the influencers and the fashion and beauty industry surrounding this amazing field. Through out the years, I have had the pleasure of mentoring and training in Aestheticians, new to the field. I have built and retained an astounding clientele base and have made lasting relationships with vendors, management, doctors and other medical spa colleagues. The beauty of skincare business is, first and foremost, about the pampering of our special guests! I love the opportunity to find out lifestyle, wants and desires of this person, as it leads into how they feel about their skin. And where they would ultimately like to be in their skin, literally and figuratively. Most times that leads us into the advanced clinical treatment side of conversations, allowing us to lay out a plan together, to reach skin care goals. I am very passionate about building each other up, focusing on our beautiful attributes inside and out!

No matter my skin issues at the time, Jacqueline will ask questions, ask about any new my life style changes, my diet, my stress levels and puts together a facial treatment, personal to me! That includes at home care products that enhance what I am already using! She truly is my personal (skin care) trainer!

Melonie O.

I love when I walk into your treatment room, you starts out by, excitedly, telling me about a new training, a new treatment or gadget that you have new to you and cannot wait to share it with me!

Hilary H.

I LOVE Jolie Aesthetics! Jacqueline is an amazing resource on all things skin care, and the added plus is that she is just wonderful. It's worth the trip to Minnesota from NYC every three months for treatment - yes, you read that right. I prefer to have micropeels, facials, and dermablading performed by her because she's that good. I can't recommend her highly enough - she's GREAT!

Anne P.

United States

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