Jeane Richmond

XO Skincare by Jeane Richmond


Jeane is the only one I will trust with waxing my brows! It wasn't until getting a wax from Jeane, an expert in the field, that I learned what a correct wax should feel like & what the results should look like. Not only did I leave my appointment with amazing brows but the knowledge of what shape brows are correct for my specific face type. Her knowledge & experience really sets her apart from the rest. My brows have never looked better than after Jeane works her magic on them!

Sarah Larkin

I really thought I knew how to do my own eyebrows until I met Jeane. Jeane carefully measured and took notice of my existing shape to design and sculpt the perfect brows for me. Using her expertise, she completely transformed the shape I had into what I needed. Jeane was also careful to leave areas where I over tweezed & taught me how to fill them in properly in between waxes. I was not red or bumpy like I have been in the past. Beautiful results - I couldn't have been happier!

Alexis Pellegrino

United States

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