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About Jennifer Sanchez

Let's get to know Jennifer of Brows by Jenny Rose. Jennifer loves all things beauty and has made eyebrows her primary focus. Her drive to perfectionism motivates her to expand her knowledge in eyebrow artistry education. She is a 5x certified PMU Artist and has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. Jennifer is captivated with beauty and self-care. Her vision is to help people feel confident and most importantly, save time when getting ready. She knew that creating semi-permanent eyebrows for her clients would be a key factor in promoting self-positivity.  Jennifer understands the struggle many people experience with eyebrow insecurities because she inherited thin, sparse eyebrows. “After age 15, I never went a day without eyebrow makeup.  I was absolutely insecure prior to getting my brows done. I want to help people because I understand their frustrations.”  

Her mission is to create the most natural, symmetrical brows possible. She uses high quality tools to ensure the best results possible. Jennifer understands what techniques work best on various skin types; she will give her honest and professional opinion to ensure her clients choose the best technique before moving forward with the procedure.

“My goal is to ensure the satisfaction of my clients.  I will go above and beyond to meet each client’s needs to the best of my ability”. 

In addition to brows, Jennifer graduated from FIDM where she studied Product Development. Although brows are her main passion, Jennifer enjoys expressing her creativity through fashion, design, development and all things beauty!

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