Jessica Foronda

High Rise Hair Lounge

About Jessica Foronda

For as long as I could remember, this career was a path I knew I had to venture on. However, being an Army wife and having 2 beautiful little girls had been my priority for the past 13 years. After my husband decided it was time to live the civilian life, my opportunity to make my dream a reality began. Opening my studio has been one of the best decisions I had ever decided to make. Not only is having a business to call my own convenient, my quality of life and ability to be closer to my husband and children have been such a blessing. I truly believe High Rise is everything but work. I am enjoying every second of it. I am a Cosmetologist and Mens Cutting Specialist from the Bay Area and graduate of Paul Mitchell. I spent a year at one of Daly City’s most well known barber shops to perfect my technique and bring that style of cutting to the Central Valley. I specialize in anything from a gentlemen's cuts to something as complex as a zero skin fade into a combover or pompadour. I also provide women’s services ranging from haircuts to any chemical services. In addition to hair services, I offer full body waxing. As a prior employee at one of the US’s leading companies in wax services, I believe it is very beneficial to clients and have grown to love the art of waxing.