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JoAnn Romeo

JoAnn M. Romeo Makeup & Skin

About JoAnn Romeo
JoAnn M. Romeo Makeup & Skin was founded to inspire a positive self-image through the education of your skin, through the makeup and skin treatments in the studio and maintenance of skin treatment at home. Resulting in beauty on the outside to reflect the beauty on the inside.JoAnn is a Certified Professional Hair and Makeup Artist. But that is not all….JoAnn recognized there is more to making women feel beautiful than just makeup. She saw skin concerns that needed to be addressed by a trusted professional. “if I could make them feel amazing using makeup, I started to imagine what could happen if I was able to treat the underlying canvas.” Those imaginations became realty after graduation from Esthetics school where she became a Licensed Esthetician, who is now a Minnesota Licensed Advanced Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Artist, and Certified Professional Multi-Media Hair and Makeup Artist. Training and certification in multimedia hair and makeup from Faces Etc. of MN. Certified Trainer for Minkys in the Midwest Region.

Always a pleasant experience with JoAnn. I would recommend her for all of the services she offers.

William O.

First visit JoAnn was very informative and thorough. JoAnn is very professional, takes pride in her business and services, this was evident throughout the appointment. Will be back regularly!

Lisa M.

JoAnn was exceptional! She made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process of getting my lashes done. Her recommendations were well thought out and tailored to me. She makes me feels pretty so that I can be the best version of myself. I will definitely be back! THANK YOU JOANN❤❤

Shannon F.

I was so happy to find JoAnn. I needed help with my acne and scars. She recommended the perfect services and I never felt taken advantage of, she truly cares about your skin goals! I’ll continue to return!!


JoAnne is very skilled and knowledgeable in the industry. I trust her to do what is ethical. I know she would never lead anyone astray. I know her guidance has helped many! On a personal note, I appreciate the special attention she gives to me and my family.


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