Johanna Sanchez

Luminance Wellness

About Johanna Sanchez
I am a passionate massage therapist with a diverse skill set and years of experience in the industry. I have received training in a variety of modalities, including lymphatic Drainage, Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal and cupping, allowing me to tailor each session to the unique needs of my clients.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work in a range of settings, including luxurious spas and small businesses, where I have honed my craft. I am known for my warm, caring nature and my ability to make each client feel comfortable and relaxed.

I am deeply dedicated to my work as a massage therapist and takes great pride in helping my clients feel their best. Whether I am working with athletes looking to improve their performance or individuals seeking stress relief and relaxation, I approach each session with empathy and attentiveness, striving to deliver the best possible experience.