Justin Wingate

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About Justin Wingate

I started doing hair over 10 years ago. I was about to graduate high school when my uncle Eric approached me about my future. He saw a potential in me that others didn’t and offered for me to come apprentice under him. He has 25+ years in the hair industry and this business really is his passion; Very quickly, it became mine as well. During the 10 years I’ve worked at Eric Winn Salon, I learned many things, but there are a few that I have adopted as my own.

#1 Is that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of the service you provide to be efficient. Being fast at what you do doesn’t mean you are not good at it. I was taught to be able to provide excellence in a service that you can come and get done on your lunchbreak, instead of taking a day off.

#2 Is that the health of your hair is key. I do my upmost to never compromise that. I use products that help heal the hair, I promote gradual changes rather than impulsive whims and I never resort to stretching the truth.

#3 (And most important) Is that relationships with your clients are not optional. I love every one of my clients. I love their families and their lives. And I want them to love their experience with me. I believe that is a big reason why clients come back. And that is so important to me. I feel extremely honored to say I was trained by the best. And I am equally excited and honored to be venturing out on my own at Sola. Here I can provide the same great service while adding my own flare.

What else? I am married to my amazing, curly-haired wife Brandi; who of course is my most difficult client. (😉 ) We have an (almost) 1 year old son, Dylan. We live right here in Mechanicsville. This business is a family affair and we would really love to make you part of our family.