Katie Tucker

Accio, LLC


Katie is always fantastic. She is very knowledgeable about different color techniques, hairstyles and really is an expert at her trade. She's always pleasant, we have great conversation and gives amazing hair advice, no beating around the bush which I appreciate very much.

Heather McDaniel

As always, my hair looks amazing after Katie gets done with it. She's phenomenal with highlights!

Mary Ann

Very personable. I explain what I'm looking for or the color I want and she nails it every time. She's great with kids too.


Always leave feeling good! Katie is a true professional & also so much fun to have as a stylist!


Katie is awesome, amazing, and sweet. Trust her to do anything to my hair.


Katie always knows how to make me feel amazing!! Whether I'm just covering these roots, getting an updo for a special night out of a full head highlights, I always lwave feeling refreshed! I highly recommend!


Katie is phenomenal! Her passion for making you look amazing is out of this world!

Brandi Leetch

I always allow Katie to do whatever she wants with my hair. I figure she has the training to know what cut/color best suits me. Haven't been disappointed!


My experience is beyond amazing every single time and Katie makes it feel like you are her best friend and treats you like a queen. She makes me feel special and the experience is stellar always! Xoxo

Brenda Davis

1000% pleased, as always! Thank you for making me feel so much better than I did when I arrived at your studio. You rock :)

Lisa Simpson