Keray Brown

Kurls By Keray

About Keray Brown

Keray Brown was raised in the inner city of Los Angeles, California. Hair care and beauty have been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Keray has vivid childhood memories of spending every Saturday with her mother and mother’s friends in the beauty shop. This is where she was first introduced to the the lifestyle of glamorous and beautiful women. In addition, Keray recalls being inspired by her childhood babysitter who also exposed her to the world of beauty due to her strong interest in hair and makeup. Keray remembers her babysitter always looking extremely pretty and wanting to emulate the way she presented herself. These seeds planted in childhood would eventually blossom into a successful haircare career.

At just 14 years old Keray worked in a beauty salon as a “shampoo girl”. While in high school she enrolled in a program where she could begin working on her formal cosmetology education, and by age 19 she became a licensed cosmetologist.

Throughout her early 20’s Keray worked customer service jobs that helped her build her excellent professionalism and customer services skills. During this time, she always did hair as a side hustle and worked as an assistant to legends in the hair industry. One of the most notable stylists she worked under was Ruben Michael. Under his tutelage, Keray became a trained expert in healthy hair care treatment.

At age 27 Keray finally decided to take the leap of faith and take her hair care career seriously. With her faith in God and the help of a friend’s social media promotion, Keray was able to grow her brand and build a solid clientele within 6 months. This was a life altering decision that ultimately led to Keray’s successful brand Kurls by Keray having top tier clientele, consisting of professional businesswomen, entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers. The appeal of Keray’s work is her focus of healthy hair treatment, growing natural hair and her expertise in blend-able non-detectable weave installations.

In addition to being one of the top hair stylists in Los Angeles, Keray has a successful merchandise brand, PejahHHF that is named after her younger sister and emphasizes Healthy Hair First(HHF). Her brand consists of hair growth oils, premium keratin infused flat irons, and virgin Indian weave hair.

Keray’s professional expertise and training, skill set, work ethic, down to earth personality, and excellent customer service skills make her a stand out hair stylist that is continually making her mark in the hair care industry.