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About Knue Laser and Body Gallery
We have been providing Laser hair removal service in the Houston area since 2016! Formally known as Go Bare Laser Hair Studio. As of November 1st 2019, we have started “aKNUE” as our own independent entity and rebranded as KNUE LASER & BODY GALLERY!

Rachae is an absolute doll and has such a warm and friendly disposition. I have been going to her for laser consistently for a year, and have never been burned. Her Laser is painless and creates long-lasting results. Not to mention her flexible schedule and unbeatable pricing ! I won’t be switching girls ever

Aihrryn Taylor

Excellent. I have completed 3 treatments on my legs and armpits, and have virtually no regrowth! (No regrowth after the first session, actually!) Rachae is very professional and always timely with the appointments. She gladly made adjustments to the treatment areas to make sure I got the exact results I wanted. The facility itself is nicely decorated and clean. The laser hair removal treatment procedure is uncomfortable, but not painful. I all very glad I did this, and am very happy with my results after finishing only half the sessions.

Kate Kolett

Rachae is awesome! Very knowledgeable and professional. I’m so happy with my results.This salon is so clean and the decor is elegantly put together. Love this place!

Ellyssa Wilson

What just happened?! Rachae and angel are quick and efficient! Thank you ladies! I once had a bad experience years ago with laser hair removal and these ladies made me believe again!!! Thank you, I had fun!

Brook Baugh

Rachae is super professional and meticulous in her work. She provides me with info about what to expect with laser treatment. She helped me understand that my legs would be longer to treat due to coarse hair and implored me to be patient. Now after four treatments, I am seeing major results. My super hairy legs now only grow small amounts of hair after two weeks. I'm thrilled!

CA Cummings

I would recommend her to everyone! I was very nervous because I have never had a laser treatment before. She just made me feel so comfortable. She educated me on the process and it gave me more confidence to do it. She was very patient with me and I am so grateful! I also love the results and will be returning for more treatments!!!

Brittany Chenevert

After having some preconceived notions about laser hair removal and hearing wonderful results from friends after their experience. I decided to try it out for myself. Not only am I seeing results but I’m also being informed on proper care. Prior to seeing Chae I saw other companies reviews with people who have a darker pigment having trouble. However, with her technique and machine everyone is covered! My results speaks for itself. I definitely recommend!

Jamal JnBaptiste

Chae is a great business woman and is all about pleasing her clients. She does laser treatments on my scalp and it is a painless process. She is very clear in potentially how many sessions are needed, but again, as a nurse, I know that is based off of your hair type and skin complexion. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to go to Chae for all my laser needs.

Brock Migues

My technician Shae was very warm and inviting. She made me feel comfortable and walked me through the process. It was first time receiving laser, so I didn't know what to expect. I ended up pleasantly surprised! I didn't experience any pain! The hair on my legs hasn't started returning yet and my treatment was about a month ago! I plan on sticking with Knue for my entire hairless journey! I highly recommend!

Lee Rich

I absolutely LOVE this place! I have been going to Rachae for a little over a year and she never cease to amaze me. She takes care of me every time.

Jasmine Mason

United States

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