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About Kristen Buesch@9 Salon
9 Salon is named so because it is lucky for me. According to Chinese Culture, "Endowed with the gift to serve others, people with the lucky number 9 are able to freely create an easy and relaxed atmosphere. They make people around them laugh and encourage them to live a colorful life. They are very considerate in taking good care of anyone in need of help. With an inborn free soul, many people, having 9 as the lucky number, never stop weaving their dreams. They can usually realize these dreams as long as they have the practical plans and real actions." So.True.

Your experience with me will be one in a million because supporting our visit together are tens of thousands of people and industry moments over 25 years. I provide my services with confidence, authority and pure joy. I am that person that never really works because I love my career! 

Consider spending time with me and let's celebrate life and beauty.

United States

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