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Nikki @ La Bijou Nail Salon


About Nikki @ La Bijou Nail Salon
Hi, my name is Nikki, over a period of time I had a thing for the beauty industry that’s when I started doing nails. I’ve been licensed for over 14 years in Texas. I had mastered a wide range of specialties like acrylics, gel polish, mani/pedi's, deigns, and facial waxing. I am also a esthetician, I also do lashes and working on becoming a facial specialist. I graduated from Enstyle Beauty School of Cosmetology in Texas. I believe in continuing education and I thrive to stay at the forefront of my field with my knowledge of new services and products such as OPI, Kiara Sky, Gelish, Guccio, and many more. I try to stay updated on all the latest trends so that I can give my clients the nails they desire. As a professional Im committed to consistently providing you with high sanitation standards, warm atmosphere for relaxation, and treat you with utmost respect. I treat all my clients like family. At your schedule time together, I do look forward to providing you with the best service you have ever experienced.
United States

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