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Leah built on her 25 years of experience as a hairdresser and the long running success of her salon business in Florida when she opened Leah's Hair Design in downtown Asheville. As a fourth generation hairdresser – on her Dad's side of the family, no less! – Leah comes by her talent as a licensed cosmetologist naturally. But her passion for creating great hair is all her own. Leah is a different type of stylist, because she comes to the table as a Master Colorist with Goldwell Elumen. Elumen has unlimited color possibilities, and Leah’s expertise unleashes all of best coloring skills for her clients. As a matter of fact, when it comes to color, Leah is experienced with gray coverage, corrective color, balayage, ombre and sombre free lights, baby lights, high lights and low lights, and Pintura highlights for curly hair, a painting technique ... just to get you started! But her beauty and salon prowess does not stop there: Leah gives phenomenal haircuts for men and women of all ages, including styling and texturing services such as permanent waves and smoothing. Leah works with all hair types, but she is specialized in several areas. She loves working with curly hair, and the DevaCurl line is her product of choice for her natural curl clients. Leah is a natural teacher; one example of her positive influence is how she educates her curly-haired clients on how best to use the DevaCurl products. When it comes to fine hair, have no fear: Leah has fine hair herself, so she knows the challenges of fine hair and how to address them. She also loves working with long hair; she knows how to keep length and not take a lot when giving her clients a fresh, long-haired look. Leah also loves giving dry cuts, where she creates a fantastic, short-term look. Ask her about it - it's awesome! And in general, Leah is skilled in men's and women's short cuts. Leah does color, cutting, styling, and texturing services, such as permanent waves and smoothing, for men and women of all ages. And here is a real treat for Leah's clients: She has a passion for providing relaxing shampoos; she uses a Reiki technique and often incorporates energy work during appointments with her clients. In addition to Goldwell Elumen, Leah uses several different products in her salon: Organic Colour Systems; Aquage; Schwarzkopf (the maker of the 10-minute color, “lunchtime” color for clients to come in for cut, blow out and color in less than an hour!); and AG Hair (a vegan product made without salt, papa, parabens, DEA or gluten). She is also trained with the DevaCurl product line; Leah is especially keen on working with curly hair styles. Other beauty services available include Malibu service (a system for thoroughly treating those who have well water or chlorine buildup in their hair), or a direct dye buildup from fashion colors (see previously; and Nioxin and Bosley product treatments for men and women with hair loss or thinning hair, to help maintain hair growth before they lose it. If you imagine it, Leah can create it. It’s all about your own experience at Leah’s Hair Design. Clients choose their own music and bring their friends if they want; Leah loves providing the comfort of one-on-one service, but anyone is welcome to share in the fun as her clients get their hair done. Her vast knowledge and many years of experience are matched only by her unwavering dedication to the beauty and satisfaction of each client who enters the lovely, sacred space of her salon. It’s all about the love at Leah’s Hair Design!
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