Leah Hernaez

The Skin Specialist

7 & 27

My skin always looks amazing after each facial. I have seen a great improvement since I began getting my monthly facials with Leah, not to mention that I feel relaxed and refreshed.

Maira C.

Leah is a true professional with a warm heart. The services and comfort she provides will exceed your expectations, and she will answer all of your questions.

Elaine A.

I just had the most amazing experience at Studio Seven. Leah is so good at what she does! You can tell she's been doing it for a long time. I felt super relaxed after my facial, and my skin looked glowy immediately after. I'm excited to incorporate her into my self care ritual. Definitely returning and looking forward to the result. Thank you Leah!

Lalaine A.

I love, love, love Leah! My skin always feels amazing after my facials!! 💞

Donna H.

Leah shows great personal care for every guest, tailoring her regimen to your skin's needs. She even advises when to stop using products, reduce usage or quantity (saving you money). She's a delight and my skin looks it's best as a result.

Barbara T.

Leah is an amazing and sweet person. I've been seeing her for years! She's so knowledgeable and good at what she does. Every session I have with her I walk out feeling relaxed clear minded and of course fresh faced. Always always take her recommendations of treatments for your session I promise you won't regret it!

Natasha D.

Leah is such a wonderful and positive light. She is knowledgeable about her amazing products and determines what to use for exactly what your skin needs. I came in today with congested and dehydrated skin and left feeling revived. My skin has never felt or looked better. Her magic touch will change your skin! I've already set my next appointment with her to start her Green Peel that she offers and I'm so excited!!

Trinh N.

Instant results after a visit with Leah. My skin feels and looks amazing for weeks until I revisit her. Knows exactly what my skin needs without trying to oversell unnecessary upgrades or face products. Very clean, trusted and highly recommend.

Joanna H.


Christian S.


Bree C.