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About Linette Little
Born in “The Big Apple” (NYC) Linette Little was destined to do great things!  In her primary years living in Indiana, she exhibited her athleticism and artistic abilities. At the age of 14 Linette began cutting her little brother's hair as well as other family and friends; at the age of 17 she was introduced to body building in High School and entered her first body building contest that same year. Linette’s activities during her teenage years laid the foundation for her lifelong careers; a Barber/stylist and fitness expert.


Linette has over 23 years of experience as a barber and cosmetologist, practitioner and educator. Linette has studied her craft at a renowned cosmetology school in NY; Xenon Academy in Aurora, Co.;  and Emily Griffith Vocational School for both cosmetology and barbering. The latter afforded her the opportunity of becoming a barber instructor. In the fitness world, Linette became a NPC bodybuilder and was later certified as a personal trainer. Quickly realizing the importance of both of her crafts the idea of merging the two just made sense and thus "U 1st Fitness N hair" was born…Looking good begins with physical health and wellness which radiates outwardly and can be enhanced with a great hair cut or style. U 1st Fitness N hair offers its clientele a relaxed confidential and upscale atmosphere with person centered services geared toward the evolving demand for health and wellness.  U 1st Fitness N Hair proves its value through great customer service; consistency and quality haircuts, styles and the inspiration of fitness and education.


"U 1st Fitness N Hair " believes good health creates good looks!


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