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About Liv Clark

Hello lovely! I'm Liv, a licensed cosmetologist from a small town in Texas. I've been in the industry for about ten years working in all kinds of different environments. Family owned salons, schools, nation wide companies, heck even a professional beauty supply! Yes, with being a cosmo I love doing hair, but skin and skin care are my true passions. I previously worked for large cooperate, and now I want to focus on client relationships and skin care. If you ever have any questions (no, there aren't stupid questions 😉), please reach out! My business line is always on and I will reply typically same day within a few hours. Here I offer full body waxing using the best hard wax on the market. Ever been curious about getting your brows professionally done? Or maybe even a lower leg for vacation? Give Livira a shot, and I promise you'll be hooked! ✨🌿 Thank you for reading!