Madison Aguirre

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About Madison Aguirre
My name is Madison Aguirre, I go by Madi. I am a licensed Esthetician, I graduated from Ogle School of Cosmetology in December of 2018. What led me to Ogle School was my passion for skincare. Through my experience there, my love for waxing and shaping eyebrows grew through the help of my wonderful friends who supported me and trusted me with their brows! From there I applied for a waxing position at Waxing the City in Keller, Tx and started playing with tinting all the fun shades of brows there are out there. There I learned amazing techniques for full body waxing and now i know how to make a fun and painless waxing experience. I adore my clients and they could tell you, as a beauty pro my main goal is to make you realize your individual true beauty. I live by honesty and you can bet you’re in good hands when getting waxed or serviced by me. I love enhacing natural beauty by tinting and sculpting eyebrows, giving gorgeous eyelash extensions to make those eyes pop, and making skin smooth and hydrated by waxing & following with my nourishing oils. All of these are never necessary of course, but they sure do make a person feel confident and beautiful! That to me is why im in this industry. Show up as your best self to that interview or anywhere you need that awesome first-impression! With Love, Madi.