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Maggie Weber

Suki Haus Esthetics

About Maggie Weber
I am a Chicago-based esthetician as well as owner & founder of Suki Haus Esthetics in Arlington Heights, IL. Here at Suki Haus Esthetics, my goal is to ensure that you leave feeling your absolute best. I take pride in my customized services, so that everyone and anyone can have an experience they've never had before! Growing up, the beauty industry was the one thing I always found myself chasing after. Whether I’d be digging through my mom's skincare products and makeup or taking samples out of catalogues, I always found myself eager to learn anything I could about skin and beauty. I pride myself on providing the best service possible and making my clients feel as welcome and comfortable as possible no matter which service they receive. The passion I have for esthetics is unmatched and I strive to learn new things each day as the industry continues to evolve. If you're looking to boost your confidence, complexion, and overall appearance then now is your time! I'll be here ready to plan your personalized experience here at Suki Haus Esthetics.
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