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Studio M

About Marisa Vita
Trained in italy at 14 years old. After moving back to the states, became licensed and has worked her way up the ladder educating for L'ANZA healling haircare. Now as a independent artist, Marisa is able to work all of L'ANZA's big events. When she's not traveling, Marisa loves doing intricate haircuts and colors. 

Marisa is the best thing to ever happen to my hair in Charlotte! I looked around for almost 2 YEARS to find a hairdresser that wasn't afraid of cutting layers into my long hair...and then I was introduced to Marisa. Not only is so much fun to talk to and get to know, but she is a master with the scissors. My SIL goes to see her as well and always come back with the most amazing color (she gets complements literally everywhere we go). Do your hair a favor and make an appointment now!

Laura McCabe Stump

Marisa is so friendly and always cuts my hair the best. She is the only person who cut my hair for years until I moved out of state. But I every time I visit Charlotte I make sure to make an apportionment. She is the best!

Will Greer

Marisa is THE best - best color, best cut, best personality! You will not be disappointed!!

Skylar Cody

Studio M is the most fabulous of hair salons. I will continue to fly from New York to have my haircut by Ms. M herself. Thank you, Marisa, you're the best stylist around.

Gina Bernadette

Marisa is definitely the greatest!! I get more compliments now that she does my hair!!! Perfect!!

Casey Baird

She is the sweetest person in the world! She does an amazing job with everything she does!

Natawsha Vondrak

I dont know Marisa personally but i follow her work she is amazing at what she does!!! Cant wait to meet her one day.

Blanca Carbajal Anguiano

United States

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