Tina Padilla

Goddess Hair

About Tina Padilla

Tina loves channeling her creativity when doing color services by strategically placing lightener, color or toner with the end result in vision as well beautifying you into the Goddess that you are through womens haircuts & styling.


This is the only place I will be going to get my hair done now. I have very fine hair that never holds a curl but after quickly mentioning that to my stylist she worked some magic and my curls lasted for days! She was such a nice person and did an amazing job!!

Brooke B

If you want to do right by your hair, I 100% recommend you book an appointment with Tina! She is the first stylist that I have ever had that actually cared and listened to what I felt was wrong with my hair and what I would like my hair end goals to be. She was so thoughtful in taking the time to go over everything prior to the appointment. This is the first time I have ever booked with Vagaro and what separates Tina in such an amazing way is her pre appointment questionnaire. Let me tell you this makes your appointment go so smoothly and if you are like me, someone who had had a horrible hair appointment prior this calmed my nerves! Tina pays attention to detail, she cares about her clients and is passionate about hair! You won’t regret booking Tina! Please though if you book her take the time and be respectful by reading the questionnaire. Tina reads your responses and adjusts the appointment to for your needs/hair goals to give you the best results! She’s absolutely incredible and I can’t wait for my next appointment! I seriously can’t get over todays appointment! I’m so incredibly happy not only with my hair but meeting you as a person! You’re truly amazing and incredible at what you do!

Alexxina F

Usually going to a new place intimidates me but Tina is absolutely amazing!!! Her space is so cute and welcoming and she walks you through what she is doing and answers any questions you may have. She did the absolute most to make sure i was comfy! My all over hair color went great and my hair feels so silky and soft. 10000/10 would recommend!!!

Virginia L

Great service and explains the steps that are being done. Tina cares about your goals and wants to reach them with you! She has great products that make your hair feel healthy, strong, and smooth. I got a firey color orange and yellow. (virgin hair to begin with and bleached it in one sitting)

Katharine D

The salon is really clean and cute. There are a lot of snacks and beverages as well. I really love it! I had a great experience with Tina. She’s absolutely the best stylist! My haircut is so cute that I can’t keep my eyes off. Had to take so many selfies in her studio lol Tina was so gentle the whole experience was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep. Of course I didn’t because I couldn’t stop wowing after I saw how my hair turned out! I would definitely recommend Tina to everybody!

Cassie L

My experience with Tina was above my expectations. I previously saw a stylist in his Del Mar private salon en suite and he did not make my experience feel like I felt with Tina. Tina greeted me at the door with a robe ready for me. She has a snack and beverage bar full of many options. The previous stylist did not offer me any drinks or snacks and he put too much product on my hair which weighed my hair down. But I am so glad to see Tina because she knew just how much styling product to put into my hair without feeling weighed down. My previous stylist also made my bangs uneven and unbalanced so you can say I was expecting the same experience to replicate but truly I am so happy that Tina knew just how to fix my bangs and style my hair. I would recommend Tina. She is my new stylist that I will be keeping for her on out.

Shireen S

Great environment and professional service.

Iris P

Great environment and professional service.

Iris P