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Mary Muljadi

Nail Excellence

About Mary Muljadi
My name is Mary Muljadi and I was born in Indonesia, but I always thought I was an American at heart. When I was in high school I was that girl who cut everybody's hair. I always thought I was going to be a lawyer, but my dad reminded me about my love for cosmetology. He said “you should do what you love and everyday you go to work, you really go to play” . I loved cosmetology school so much so that I went to work in my teachers salon cutting hair. I took classes over the next 4 years in skin care, make up, traditional medicine, massage and reflexology. I always dreamed of living America so I decided to move here and start over in cosmetology school. After graduation I made a decision to do pedicures and manicures because I could use many of my skills in reflexology and skin care to provide a unique, heathy service. My schooling in skin care and massage would be incorporated into a pedicure or manicure to produce healthier feet and hands. I don’t use acrylics because I believe that repeated use can cause damage to cuticles and make the actual nail thinner over time. I use CND gels and OPI products because I think they are the best products on the market. I have two fine boys who are the love of my life. We like to do puzzles together, watch movies at home with popcorn and participate in school activities. I feel blessed to have my own salon where I can provide a unique, healthy service based on the science of skin and nails. I love spending one on one time with my clients.
United States

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