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About Maryam Afshaar

My name is Maryam, I have been a makeup artist and brow connoisseur of 10 years all around the globe! I have always loved doing makeup but eyebrow threading has always been my main goal! My passion for beauty and cosmetics has expanded over the years. My main goal is to make my clients happy by giving them the best brow shape of their choice and a custom session of their own.

I have opened my own beauty Studio in Vancouver, WA. My Studio will primarily focus on eyebrows and different types of makeup! Such as brides and luxurious makeup!

I am confident, comfortable, experienced and excited to work with any type of brows. I will be taking my time on each client throughout the day to give them the best service. I want each one of you to leave feeling satisfied and happy with your service.

Xoxo, Maryam.

United States

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