Meli Castro

Meli's Beauty Bar


This review is LONG overdue!!!!! MELI IS THE BEST!!!!! I found her just as I moved to the area! She matched my hair color perfectly, and gave me an amazing haircut!!!!! She always gets me in when I need her, and she's such a doll!!!!! LOVE HER!!!!

Stephanie F.

Meli started doing my hair in Portland and I was never disappointed. My bangs and color are my signature trademark and it has always been huge for me to find somebody that gets the angled Betty Page look, just right. My crazy busy schedule doesn't lend well to sitting still for a while and she has always done a fantastic job at commencing down to earth conversation while chopping away. This is why I was devastated when she relocated. When I am in SD for business, it is always a treat to get the perfect chop from Mel in an unpretentious environment that always has a cup of coffee waiting for me. I love her, and my only critique is that I wish she lived and chopped in Portland.

Lori F.

I am new to CA, and was looking for a colorist that could also cut. Well, long story short, I found Meli! She not only did a great job, she did it in a way that I have been waiting for ...for years!! no kidding, I'm 57, and been in the business. It was a natural color line, which was wonderful, no smell...she put a lot of foils in, and my hair feels and looks awesome!! I LOVE my color...been waiting a long time to say those words. Thank you Meli, I would recommend you and the salon to anyone!! Oh, and she is fast, and keeps on task, very intuitive with what will work with you, and an educator, which is a nice thing to know...

Connie H.

I recently moved to Carlsbad from AZ and had to find a new hair person locally after having a fantastic hair stylist/colorist for many years. Meli really listened to what I wanted and produced better results than I've had in years. The color is exactly what I want. I WILL return and highly recommend her.

Tracy T.

Go to Meli! She will make your hair look like a million angels frolicking on a cloud of fragrant blushing rose petals

Sara H.

Been coming to see Meli for almost 4 years now. She does a fantastic job! I always enjoy the treatment.

Stacy S.

Meli did an amazing job with my hair! I love my layers! Great atmosphere here, easy parking, clean, very friendly.

Emily B.