Melissa Sullivan

Mermaid Riot LLC

About Melissa Sullivan

I am a hair artist that specializes in fantasy color my paint is Pulp Riot color and hopefully one day you will be my canvas. I love to create super dimensional looks with color and I custom formulate every bowl of color to each and every one of my clients..... there is no client out there with the exact same hair color because you are all unique and so should your hair color! I also do Balayage, highlights, baby lights, colormelting.... any other form of color out there I do it! Color and cutting are my thing!!! A couple things about my cutting techniques that are interesting is I use a razor most of the time over my scissor! I also tend to use my texturizing shear more often as well! You definitely won’t get anything BASIC out of Studio 8. I’m known for being extra and I’m ok with that... and my clients love that about me, because I go the extra mile for them... why? because you, and your hair deserve it! So come get the Mermaid Riot experience.... See you soon!!!

United States

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